Joanne Enslin-de Wet is a qualified physiotherapist with degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand, University of Cape Town and Boston University. Joanne spent five years working at Boston Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. The time spent in America inspired her to direct her skills towards osteopathy – treating the person as a whole – assessing each patient from a mechanical, functional and postural perspective.

Her area of interest started with looking at the effect the sacroiliac joint (pelvis) has on sports injuries and lower back pain. Joanne started presenting courses on this subject in 1996 and lecturing both locally and abroad and presenting at congresses locally and internationally. She has furthered her studies extensively abroad in many areas of physiotherapy and osteopathic medicine.

The importance of maintaining the treatment (structural integrity) became apparent as patients presented with a recurrence of their symptoms. In 1997 she introduced Pilates into the treatment programme. Pilates helps to maintain the corrections from the treatment by targeting crucial muscles that need strengthening and balancing. She trained in Pilates in Melbourne Australia under the tutelage of “Dance Medicine Australia”, and furthering her Pilates training with Stott Pilates Toronto Canada in 1998 to 2003. She subsequently hosts Stott Pilates training from her practice.

Pilates had a significant impact on treatment and maintaining corrections, but there was still an element missing that had a select few patients returning with recurring symptoms. A deeper level needed to be addressed – a level where the mind and emotions influence the homeostasis of our physiology. The introduction of CranioSacral therapy as part of the treatment has hugely impacted on the success of the treatment. Joanne studied CranioSacral therapy with the Upledger Institute USA and hosts Upledger CranioSacral Therapy courses at her practice.

It has always been Joanne’s fundamental belief that if you restore movement, you create joy, health and quality of life. In 2006 Visceral Manipulation was introduced to the practice on the basis that the organs of the visceral system affect the neuromuscular and skeletal systems of the body.

The treatment is applied to suit the needs of the individual patient in order to achieve optimal quality of life.

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