Integrating principles taken from dance, tai chi and yoga, Gyrokinesis is a unique system that works the body through fluid, repetitious movements, incorporating both chair and mat work based exercises.

Starting with a self-massage the senses are awakened encouraging the whole body to participate in the session. Rhythmical movements of the head, thorax and pelvis create spiraling, bending and rippling of the spinal column to move the body in all planes of motion. Once the core and nervous system have been stimulated the peripheral limbs can then be mobilised. Starting from the chair the exercises move to the mat, through seated, kneeling, lying and standing positions.

Each series of exercises progresses in range of movement, intensity and speed using breathing principles to open up energy pathways, and integrate the whole body by freeing up restrictions that prevent the body from letting go of pain and trauma and so preventing mobility.

Through intended direction of force, active elongation of the muscles and continuous motion, balance, strength and flexibility and coordination are improved.

The class can be both relaxing and stimulating on a deeper level than merely physical, creating a sense of centering. The pace and feel are determined by the participants whose energy is an integral part of the session and as a result is accessible to any physical level.

Both Pilates and Gyrotonics share the training of the mind to control the body. As your senses of body awareness and co-ordination are developed, you will be able to control every aspect of your body.
Pilates concentrates on the ‘core’ postural muscles, stabilizing the trunk, strengthening weak muscles, lengthening muscles that are short and increasing joint mobility. Once stability in the torso and length in the spine is achieved can you think about stretching and strengthening.

Gyrotonics complements Pilates as it enhances awareness of co-ordination, strength and flexibility. Emphasising multiple joint articulations, strengthening the surrounding ligaments. Through resistance the concentric and eccentric forces exerted by the involved muscles are maximised and evenly distributed between agonistic and antagonistic muscle groups.

Each exercise is synchronised with a corresponding breathing pattern creating a gentle or forceful cardiovascular – aerobic stimulation awaking your senses. Stabilisation happens through contrast. In a nutshell with both Pilates and GyrotonicsTM, intention is the driving force that moves the body.