Pilates classes

Types of Pilates classes:

Beginners / Principles
For those new to Pilates! This class covers off the fundamental principles of Pilates and familiarizes the Client with what to expect, think about and be aware of during any workout.

For those familiar with Pilates and for those who are ready to challenge themselves by taking the core stability emphasis to a whole new level. Speak to any/your instructor before doing this class if you are unsure about whether you are ready or not.

This class challenges the Clients stability, co-ordination and control all the way. This class should not be attempted unless an/your instructor suggests you should do so!

Flex-Band, Fitness Circle and Swiss Ball
This is a class of beginner / intermediate level Pilates made more challenging and interesting by the inclusion of various bits of Pilates equipment whilst still working firmly on the Matwork*. Suitable for all levels once an initial individual / principle class lesson has been attended!

Class involves working on the Reformer (Pilates machine). This class is both interesting and challenging. It requires that all participants ensure they are familiar with the workings of the machine, and that stability and control has been reached on the Matwork* work sessions, before it is attempted in a group format.

This class helps to maintain stability of the pelvic area whilst gently and safely toning and stretching the whole body. This class helps new mums maintain optimum health during pregnancy!

Class times

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