Pilates in pregnancy

Using the Pilates principles and including a small amount of cardio vascular workout is the ultimate and the way to go for your pregnancy. Pilates teaches you proper breathing and therefore transfers oxygen through the blood to the baby.

The workout stabilizes, tones, and strengthens all muscle groups, which promotes a strong, healthy pregnancy. Pilates concentrates on the pelvic positioning and promotes a good posture. We make use of fitness balls, flex bands and other various and exciting equipment which only Pilates can provide.

The benefits and research that various institutions have found:

  • A significant stretching of muscles
  • Decreased maternal weight gain
  • Better than average growth – improving supply of oxygen to the baby
  • Less complicated labour, for example:
    • Decrease in the need for pain relief
    • Decrease in the incidence of maternal exhaustion
    • Decrease in maternal exhaustion
    • Improved rate of recovery post birth
    • Resistance to exercises helps with improving bone density
    • Relaxation to both the mother and baby