Teaching Visceral Manipulation in China

Teaching Visceral Manipulation 1 and 2 in Shanghai, China – June 03 – 11 2023

Incredible students, medical doctors, medical specialists, professors, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, physiotherapists all wanting to learn new methods to help their patients.

When asking a Gynaecologist why he is attending a course that involved manual therapy to the organ system, his reply was he wanted to help his patients.

China opened its lockdown restrictions in March 2023. What a pleasant surprise to see how Shanghai was thriving and the economy booming. China continues to catch up with the rest of the world by investing in skills and knowledge.

Teaching Visceral Manipulation 3 and 4 in Shanghai, China – November 25 – 03 December 2023

Two classes of 60 students, 3 wonderful teaching assistants and a highly competent translator.

And embracing China’s shift towards a coffee culture with the exciting arrival of LAVAZZA in the Square.

Shanghai comes with history, culture.. river villages, lotus seeds, bridges that “hold surprises around the next corner” and ancient tao scriptures.